Yesterday, I had a colonoscopy. The prep for it wasn’t too bad. The worst part of the prep was the laxative they had me take, before the Colyt. Ugh. Have never taken one before, don’t plan on taking one ever again. It made me nauseated and gave me quite a stomach cramp.

Five years ago when I had this procedure done, I had a mild sedation and watched the whole thing. Was fascinating.

This time–not so much. According to their records, they gave me the same amount of sedative this time as they had last time. But the procedure *hurt*. Not sure what was different. Will probably ask to be taken fully offline next time.

The other problem this time was that I was extremely gassy afterward. Painfully gassy. They kept telling me to fart it all out. But my body wasn’t cooperating, not for a while. Plus, a lot more nausea.

As we were driving home, I kept giving little farts in the car. (Blaze kept the top popped, though it wasn’t that stinky.) I could feel the mass of gas move down. At first, I felt pain all the way up my chest, to just below my breasts. It slowly moved, until it was just my lower intestine.

We drove straight from the hospital to a restaurant. I went immediately into the bathroom, and had two of the LOUDEST farts I’ve ever had. Long and drawn out and reverberating against the metal stall walls.

Made me giggle.

Immediately felt a lot better after that.

Took the rest of the day off for the most part. Did some light editing. Had a really gurgley stomach all night.

This morning, I feel surprisingly good. I am over in the tiny house this morning, for the first time since I screwed up my knee. I will admit, my knee isn’t thrilled with the stairs. However, it isn’t that bad.

I’m also still really gassy. Kind of happy to be by myself with only the kitty to hear me. (^_^)

I did most of a yoga workout this morning. OMG did that feel good. I missed stretching like that. I was careful with the knee, skipped a few of the poses that I normally would do. Still felt great.

This morning, I am still re-reading the first of the troll wars books. I probably won’t have any words today. Might not have any words tomorrow. I need to get through both this and the second book before I start writing the third. I have a vague idea where the third book goes, but I’d like to remember all the threads that I need to resolve before I start writing.

I really like this book. It just feels good. I don’t know how else to describe it. Closer to the release date (Spring, 2019) I will probably ask people for reviews for a free copy of the book. I think it’s one of my better books.

And so now – back to reading. Hope your Tuesday is all kinds of awesome!