So the good news is that my knee continues to heal. This morning it is a lot less sore and the swelling continues to go down. Like yesterday morning, it feels stiff, not sore.

The bad news – hormones have come back. I’ve been feeling so good lately. Clear and free of headaches.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. Took me a while to realize that it was because my thoughts were racing. So didn’t get to sleep until close to midnight, then woke up around 3 with a headache and night sweats.


This morning, I’m fighting for words. My head is not clear. Fortunately, I know how to take care of myself when it gets this bad. I stayed in bed with a cold pillow for an extra hour or so after Blaze got up.

The “cold pillow” is made of flannel and filled with whole grain. I keep two in the freezer in the main house, and another two in the tiny house. I used to use them all the time for migraines – now they just sit a lot. They’ve been really handy for icing my knee. I would recommend them. Here’s a link:

Today, I will write 500 words of fiction. Hopefully more. But I can’t expect more than that from myself. Will probably spend time listening to podcasts or watching DVDs that we already have. Will do some email. That’s about it.

I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t my fault. I didn’t do something stupid. I’m still in ketosis. The diet has been working. This is just a wild hormone swing.

Still makes me angry though. Particularly since I’ve been feeling so good recently. I would say that this came out of nowhere, but I had difficulty concentrating yesterday, which was probably a sign that this was coming.

If I had to guess, I would say that today is the “2-3 days before my period starts” day. Even though it doesn’t feel as though my period is coming at all.

So today I make sure to be super hydrated. I will drink water with salt in it. I will walk slowly, mindfully, which I’ve been doing anyway. (^_^) Light exercise would be nice, not sure what I can do since I’m still trying to stay off the knee. Maybe wall pushups.

And now I’m going to try to corral my brain into writing some words of fiction. Wish me luck! I hope that your Saturday and weekend is delightful.