Yesterday was a good day. I wrote 4000 words, walked 10K steps, as well as did some essential publishing work. I am hoping to do something similar today in terms of all three.
It always surprises me when I snap back into wellness. It never surprises me when I am suddenly sick, basically going overnight from really a good day to having no brain.
However, I’m always shocked when the reverse is true, when I go from, “ugh, I can’t think straight or move or write” to “wow, let’s do this!”
Then again, I never trust that my health is permanent. I know, deep down in my bones, that I’m going to feel sick again. It’s always just a matter of when.
Though I will say that I’m better, in general, than I used to be. The last few days would have been a constant migraine 18 months ago. I wouldn’t have ever felt good enough during the time to get a lot of things done, I am stubborn as fuck, and I would have just pushed through everything regardless. And I wouldn’t have recovered as quickly. There might have been a few days when all I had was a vague headache, in the background, but the migraines would have returned.
Last night was clear. The sky was beautiful and we could see lots of stars.
However, that also meant that it got COLD last night. Frost on the windshield of the car cold. Probably not 32, but maybe 34. Took a long time to warm up this morning. Instead of writing first thing, Blaze and I, of course, just stood in the sunshine thawing out and talking business. Because that’s what we do. Having a partner makes all the difference in the world.
Going back to the title of today’s post – in the last two weeks, three people I know have suffered an abrupt turn of things to the worst. Two with cancer, one who just had emergency surgery and a pacemaker installed. All of those people have good had a hopeful prognosis. And yet another just lost their job.
It reminds me again to never take either my own health for granted, of the health of those people around me. Make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them.
And since I think I’ve finally thawed out, it’s time for words.
ETA: Posting from home. We cut the camping trip short for two reasons. 1) I was starting to come down with a cold. 2) My period has decided to return. Night all!
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