I’m starting this blog from the Tampa airport, on the way back to Seattle. Not sure if I’ll post it or not. We’ll see how I’m feeling at the end.

I’ve been at the Novelists Incorporated (NINC) conference for the last week. It’s been a GREAT conference. Blaze and I came to the conference with one goal in mind: To learn. Networking would also be nice, but that was honestly secondary to learning. We are very small fish in a very large pond full of huge sharks and whales.

I believe that goal was met in spades. We both picked up some incredibly useful information that we will be directly applying to our business.

In addition, we did end up doing a lot of networking. (Hello, have you met my husband? He’s much less of an introvert than I am, and is charming to boot. Plus, there’s a reason why his official job title in our corporation is Marketing Troll.)

To my surprise, we also ended up talking to people about what things that we’ve been doing that they might want to try. Again, I consider us VERY small fish. We do present larger (and we’ve been talking about why that is) but at least we are aware that we are not.

However, as my husband is fond of saying: the limits to my success are MY imagination? Y’all are doomed.

One of the reasons why I was on the fence about posting this is because I am suffering from a sugar hangover. I’ve been pretty good about the diet while I was at the conference, but I wasn’t able to stay in ketosis after the third day. I still mostly followed it, and I was still very much low carb, but not hard core.

Yesterday, our last day, I made the choice to ignore a lot of the diet strictures. So I ended up drinking a margarita, having a glass of wine, and some other things that honestly, are just carbs. I am HAPPY that I made those decisions. I’d do it all over again.

Today, however, I’m paying for it.

The sugar hangover.

If you’ve ever gone low carb, you know exactly what I’m talking about, those feelings you get when you have a day of lots of sugar. I feel sluggish. I’m fighting through brain fog, kind of struggling to get the words down. I don’t have a headache (which I’m surprised at) but I’m kind of achey. Very spacey. Bear of little brain.

When I told my sweetie that I had a sugar hangover, his eyes got wide and he suddenly understood my condition, and why I’ve been acting as I have been. To him, standing outside, it *looks* like a hangover, or even that I’m possibly still a little drunk. (Kind of feels that way, quite frankly, though it’s been 18 hours since I’ve had any alcohol.)

So yes, if you decide to ever go low carb, and then decide to not be for a single day, chances are, you’re going to get a sugar hangover the following day.

What should I do to counteract this? Super-hydrate, which is actually difficult for me to do today as I’m flying. Eat more fat, again, made harder by the travel. And instead of trying to push myself, and get more words down on the page, I’m going to sleep once we get on the plane.

There’s a part of me that’s frantic, wants to push, wants to get more done today since my to do list has grown exponentially. But that way lies madness, as well as pretty much guaranteeing that this hangover will continue all through tomorrow.

It’s hard to take care of myself, but I must. I’m not good to anyone if I get sick for a long period of time.

And so I will post this, and hope there aren’t too many typos or misspellings as I struggle for words and am about to board.