Pride and Prejudice

Went to a “Pride and Prejudice” party yesterday. We watched the six hour version with Collin Firth and ate theme appropriate food.

Or as my friend described it – we sconed the shit out of that thing.

Blaze and I made six different flavors of scones for the party, including pumpkin, apple and spices, chocolate, and dried cranberry (with and without orange glaze.) They tasted really good. The texture wasn’t anything like a scone, which is a common problem for baking things with a non-glutinous flour.

I was also brought my really good vegan butter (Miyoko’s) and everyone agreed that was the best butter substitute they’d ever had. It’s so close to butter. It makes me happy that I have a non-dairy substitute.

Yesterday was one of those days when I made the choice to not be compliant with my diet. I ate real bread (baked by one of the hosts and boy, was it yummy!) I had wine. I had clotted cream. I even had a small slice of a cucumber sandwich. It was all so very good.

I paid for it a little last night, had a headache and got really spacey for a while. I’m doing much better this morning than I expected–inflamed, slight headache, vaguely spacey, instead of serious headache, all my joints hurting, and no brain. I suspect that is because I’m not low carb, but keto most of the time. (I also only had nibbles of things that aren’t on my diet and not a full meal of them.) It will be really easy to drop back down into ketosis today. I’ll probably be fully recovered before noon.

I’m still gathering data on whether or not ketosis is the right thing for me. On the one hand, I feel better, almost all the time. Which is a big plus on its side. We’ll see what happens when my cycle comes around again in the next couple of weeks.

The writing is going so well. I’m so happy to be writing this book. I suspect parts of it will be more difficult because this book, like the previous one in this series, is supposed to give the reader all the feelings. But that will just mean chapters that are harder to write. The book overall is just fun. Just ask my poor husband who unfortunately has to hear me snort, chuckle, and giggle as I’m writing.

And speaking of such…I hope that your Monday is going well.

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