Yesterday started off as a good day. Took time in the morning to warm up – it was so cold outside! We stood around in sun beams as the sun started to come up, warming us both. I ended up having both tea as well as coffee. Now, I rarely have coffee any more. It acts like a laxative for me. But yesterday, a bit of coffee, with a touch of honey, really hit the spot.

I wrote 4000 words yesterday, which, yay. I also figured out the end of the current novel, which was good as I’m probably only 5-7000 words from finishing it. I also figured out the general thread of novels 3 & 4 in this series.

I did find the last 2-300 very difficult, which surprised me. I figured I was just tired, as I hadn’t slept great the night before. I was also starting to get sniffly.

I goofed off for a little bit, took a nap, goofed off a touch more. I was getting more and more congested. By the time I got up and we started walking to the bathroom, I realized that I was coming down with a cold.

Full disclosure: I have the best husband in the world. When I told him that I was probably coming down with a cold, his first question was, “Should we pack up and go?” Not angry, not upset that we would be cutting our camping trip short. My health is important to him at a fundamental level.

Best. Husband. Ever.

I made the decision to pull the plug. Took us an hour to go from scattered to completely packed and pulling out of the campsite.

Because we live so far south of Seattle, we took Chinook pass over the mountains to Yakima. I don’t think either of us realized that it was only about a two hour drive to get there. So from the time I made the call to us walking in the front door was about three and a half hours.

I would have liked another day camping. But I’m glad we came home. It was the right decision. I do have a mild cold today. However, the emphasis is on mild. I’m going to be able to write today. I have other things to do which I should be able to get to. I am tired and congested. I did sleep on two pillows last night, which meant that I drained all night. So this morning, I’m much less congested than I normally would be.

Here’s to a happy Friday! I’m going to write and sit on my butt for most of the day.