The plan this morning was for me to pack up my computers, come over here to the tiny house, and write like the wind. (For those of you playing along at home, during the week, I live in the tiny house on the property that my husband and I own. I spend the weekends in the main house with him. It works for us.)

We were gone last week, and the kitty was a little stressed about it. She’s been demanding a lot of time with me, curled up next to me, purring. (She even spent part of an evening actually sitting on my lap, which is very unusual for her.)

This morning, instead of going back to her butt warmer (a heated round bed) she jumped up on the couch and meowed at me.

Fine. I got the picture. Sat with her for a while as she kneaded and purred.

Eventually, I got over to the tiny house. Then I realized I’d forgotten the coconut milk. Back to the main house. Then I needed something else.

I tried going straight to the fiction this morning, but that didn’t work. So I came here to blog.


I’ve been thinking a lot about interruptions recently. Building the tiny house interrupted the writing for me. Hormones frequently interrupt the writing. Mind you, I’m probably going to cross the 500K mark for the year this week, which is astonishing. I’ve already written more this year than any year previously. In addition, if my hormones aren’t too crazy for the next couple of months, I may hit 600K for the year. Which would be totally awesome.

A year ago or so I had to stop exercising for the most part. I’d injured my shoulders/neck and my hands were falling asleep whenever I did most anything – like washing my hair or doing dishes or folding laundry. They didn’t fall asleep while I was typing, but that’s because I’m in an ergonomic position when I’m at the computer.

I’ve been working with a physical therapist ( Dr. Amy is awesome. At this point, my hands only fall asleep generally when I’m asleep, and not every night. I’m hoping that in another six months, I’ll be healed.

This week, the plan is to sign up for one of the gyms around here. I’ve hired a trainer to get me going. (Trying the 1-on-1 training from Nerd Fitness. We’ll see how having a remote trainer works.)

So I’ve had, and continue to have, a lot of interruptions. Some big, some small.

I keep getting back up, onto that damned horse, and starting again.

And I guess that’s where I am today. Starting again. Writing again. Working out and exercising again.

I hope that your Monday is going well. If you feel like sharing, tell me about a time you’ve had to get back up and start again.

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