So, I messed up my knee. Since I already had an appointment with my physical therapist, I asked her about it yesterday. She did a thorough exam and told me that I didn’t tear anything, which was what I’d been most concerned about. I did, however, strain it pretty hard.

Normally, the sort of thing that I did is done to the inside of the knee. I did mine to the outside, because of course I had to be different.

The strain is complicated by the fact that my patella doesn’t always follow along on the grove that it’s supposed to. I’ve had this issue for a long time. I will need to get back to doing knee strengthening exercises.

The popping that I felt? Is the IT band sliding around. Also not the best thing in the world, but understandable.

The good news is that after she worked my knee, it felt better. This morning, it feels even better. Instead of hurting, it feels stiff. Though as I’m using it more, it’s starting to get sore.

This morning, my knee looks more like a regular knee. It’s nowhere near as swollen as it has been. However, it is still inflamed. I can’t take aspirin or ibuprofen to help with the swelling either. I have slathered it in Aspercreme, and will be elevating and icing later today.

The inflammation is a concern. And it’s what I need to use to judge my activity level. Walking is actually really good for my knee, but only after the swelling has gone down further. So I’m resting today, maybe tomorrow, but possibly by Sunday I’ll be walking a lot more, exercising the knee.

And I guess that’s all from here for now.

Oh! The Business for Breakfast series has a book in this year’s NaNoWriMo story bundle.

I try to write a lot of words on a regular basis. I tend to be limited by time and health. My husband, however, doesn’t have as many limitations. So he’s writing at what we call, “All Ahead Crazy” speeds.

He’s written about about writing cleanly at such a fast pace. It’s called, “Pulp Speed for Writers.” Pulp Speed 1 is one million words per year. Pulp Speed 2 is 1.2 million words per year, or 100K words per month. Pulp Speed 3 is 1.4 million words per month, and so on. He’s writing somewhere between Pulp Speed 2 & 3 at this point, and maintaining it easily.

There are also some other really cool books in this bundle. Like Joanna Penn’s “Healthy Writer” – a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Jamie Ferguson wrote a fantastic book on using Bundle Rabbit and other bundling tools – and believe me, she is the queen of bundling. Dean Wesley Smith contributed a book on how to write a novel in ten days, because he’s also writing clean fast copy.

So you might want to pick up this bundle if you have a chance. It’s only available for a short while. After that, you’ll have to go buy all these books individually, which will cost a lot more than this bundle.

Pick yours up today!