Yesterday was a good day. Today is a good day. Life is good.

However, I feel as though I’m still recovering from RCCC. I’m tired this morning, despite having a nap yesterday as well as sleeping well last night. Or as well as I can with a kitty who occasionally wakes me up. She will wake me up less tonight, if at all, because she’s getting accustomed to be being there again. The first couple of nights after I take a trip, she’s always right there, sleeping next to me. Then she’s more comfortable, and sleeps on her own again.

It feels as though Fall has arrived. Lots of rain the last couple of days. I still have summer projects, such as putting plants into the ground. And we have to harvest the apples. (OMG are they good!) Pears aren’t ready yet. We didn’t put up the flashy tape, so the birds got most of the grapes.

Another sign of fall – I have fewer birds at my feeders. Not sure if they’re migrating, or the juveniles are just growing up and finding other food sources. I still have a few younger birds, though, coming through. The ones who sit in the trough instead of on the ledge, whose color hasn’t quite grown distinct, who are still fluffy. (Got one in the feeder right now, a little Junco. And an Anna hummingbird just flew up.)

For the summer, I didn’t eat breakfast. Just had my tea with coconut oil and coconut milk in it, so I was consuming calories first thing in the morning, just not a lot.

Yesterday I made myself the lovely soup that I drink in the colder seasons for the first time in a long while. Basically, it’s bone broth heated up with 4-5 cups of veggies, as well as kelp noodles and bacon. (Because, well, bacon!) I used to have that for breakfast every morning. I may just stick with the tea in the mornings, though, and have soup at night. That means I’ll be eating my biggest meal of the day around noon, which has really worked for me in the past.

As part of the diet tweaking, I’m trying to get back into ketosis on a regular basis. I haven’t been measuring my ketones for a while. There was no need for me to be that strict. I just needed to watch what I ate, trusting my body to tell me when I’d had too many carbs. I always figured that my body was dropping in and out of ketosis depending on the day, which meant I was maintaining metabolic flexibility, which was really the goal, being able to process both more carbs as well as less carbs.

I’ve been very successful with that diet for quite some time. However, my hormones are now playing silly buggars. Let’s see what happens if I go hard core keto for a while. (Or as the mug says, keto as fuck.)

I did write about 1800 words yesterday, which I think was a total win given how tired I was/am. Will write more today. I’ve started a new novel – Circle of Fire, the second Witch’s Heart book – and beginnings of novels tend to be a bit slower for me.

I also redid the cover for the first book in the series – Circle of Air. It still needs some tweaking. If I remember, will try to do a cover reveal for my newsletter. (You do know I have a newsletter, right? I put out two a month. The first one is chatty and contains cool links, talk about what I’m working on, the books I’m reading, etc. The second one is the release newsletter, that talks about the book(s) that I’m publishing that month.) (

And I think that’s about it for this morning. Am standing with my computer on my counter, looking out the window at the birds. Sat too much yesterday. Time to move upstairs and stand at the writing computer and do words.

Again, my words before anyone else’s. That continues to help me produce more words.

Happy Tuesday!