As I think I’ve said before, I feel as though my world is still in flux, we haven’t figured out what the new normal is.
And maybe that’s because I also have bad days physically, so I can never proclaim that “This is my routine that I do every single day.”
Despite how roughly the morning started yesterday (and believe me, it was ROUGH) I still wrote 3000 words yesterday. Part of that total word count was the blog I wrote yesterday.
Then we had a fairly normal day for us – went up and finished installing the new door on the pump house, setting it into place, a trip to Home Depot to pick up a few items, then more work on the pump house. This afternoon we’ll do more, possibly finish it. (YAY!)
Yesterday evening, I went and spent some time harvesting blackberries. It was kind of awesome. It was a quiet time for me, just wandering out on the property. I wasn’t trying to get all the berries I could, it wasn’t a competition. Instead, it was take some time walking in nature and picking the blackberries I could reach.
It’s been a weird berry season this year. The hot weather caused a lot of the fruit to just dry on the vine, never really reaching a ripe stage.
We have four easily identifiable blackberry bushes on the property. Some of what I lump together may be other breeds, but in general, I look at them like this:
–Vine – close to the ground with thin vines everywhere. Bloomed and ripened first.
–Blue cane – tall single cane that shoots out of the ground with a stem that is more blue than green. Berries bloomed and ripened second.
–Himalayan – the huge thickets of blackberries that grow everywhere. Are currently in season.
–Cut leaf – extremely prickly blackberry bushes with compound leaves. These are just starting to berry, most of them aren’t ripe yet.
So I picked a bunch of berries, maybe 2 cups worth, then vac-sealed them and threw them into the freezer for either making jam from or for using in smoothies later.
If I’d pushed, I could have picked a lot more. That wasn’t the point. The point was to have fun. Enjoy myself. Do something a little different than my usual routine. (Whatever that means.)
This morning was more difference. We had to take one of the cars in, so I had to get up early and drive for 45 minutes. It got me thinking. The last time I commuted on a regular basis was 1999. And even then, I still had days when I worked from him. Plus, I didn’t have a car at the time. It was a 20 minute bike ride from the apartment to the day job.
But now I’m home. I know where the end of the current short story is, so I’m going to go finish that. I have a few slight additions that writer brain suggested to the other stories I finished last week. And then it’ll be time to work.
Hope that you’re having a lovely Tuesday!