Nesting and Fall

I had hoped that since I’d had a number of good days in a row that they would continue. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Had night sweats last night, have a headache this morning, and I’m spotting again. Joy.

I do have an appointment to see my doctor and get a pelvic exam on Saturday. Again, I doubt that this is anything but hormones.

Yesterday I wrote 3600 words. Went to the library after lunch, did a bunch of work. It was weird weather, complete with thunderstorms (unusual for the PNW) and hail. But it turned gorgeous in the late afternoon and I was able to work outside for a bit. I finally planted everything that needed to be planted, put into the ground.

This is part of what I mean by nesting – and I figure I’m going to do a few posts on this topic in the next couple of weeks. Turned out I had nine plants that needed to go into the ground. (!) Before it had gotten stupid hot I had put a bunch of plants into the ground. August was hard though, physically challenging for me feeling as bad as I did.

I’m really glad that I took advantage of the days that I did feel good.

One of the rules that my sweetie uses that I adopted is that he can’t buy any new plants until all the existing plants were in the ground. This was a great motivator for me to get those plants into the ground. I really want to get some chrysanthemums, to have some fall color. However, I couldn’t, not if I’m following that rule. Not until now. (^_^)

Planting everything yesterday was a way of nesting. I have a lot of artwork that’s been sitting, wrapped up, since I moved here in February. I’m starting to think about putting that up on the walls.

As I’ve mentioned before, this has felt like a temporary place. Part of it is because I haven’t fully moved in yet. It’s been nice living in such a clean space, however, it’s time to get art up on the walls.

I also need to clean off my production desk so that I can use it again. It’s been covered all summer. Part of that was because I wasn’t caught up on my business paperwork. I’m finally caught up now, and I intend to stay caught up. (It was SO EASY yesterday. Took me about 10 minutes.)

Or rather, the important business paperwork. My books/bank accounts are balanced. There’s other stuff that I still need to do.

But I feel as though I can finally take a deep breath. RCCC took a lot of focus and time. Going to NINC won’t take as much, at least not from me.

One quick note about the diet. As I think I mentioned, I’m tweaking the diet and going hard core keto again. One of the things that I’d been saying was that I felt as though I had metabolic flexibility – on days when I had fewer carbs, I would burn fat, and on days when I had more carbs, I would burn those.

I had no proof of this until this morning. Yesterday, when I measured my ketones, I had none. Which I kind of expected, particularly given how many carbs I’d consumed over the weekend. Plus the number of carbs I’d eaten on Monday. (The apples are ripe, and I’d eaten at least half an apple.)

This morning, however, I had trace amounts of ketones in my urine.

If someone has been following a high carb diet, it takes two to three days of eating really low carb (less than 50 g) to start burning ketones.

That it took me a single day of really low carb tells me that I was already on the threshold.

But I think that’s it from me this morning. Time for more words.

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