Nearly fell into a trap this morning. I had just finished making my tea and heating up some prime rib, was going to sit down and eat before I started working.

Out of habit, I picked up my phone and was about to do what I used to do, go and check some blogs, maybe look at Facebook.


I recognize now what a trap that is for me. I don’t feel great. Not a lot of brain this morning. I’ll let someone else’s words entertain me for a while until I get to thinking on my own.

Except that, for me, letting someone else’s words in this early means it takes extra long for me to find my own. Heck, I might not even get to my own writing, putting it off because I felt lousy.


I didn’t sleep much last night. Thermostat was out of whack, and I couldn’t calm down. When it’s midnight, and I’ve been laying there for 2+ hours, and my heart suddenly starts racing for no good reason…yeah. Not good. Stupid hormones.

Today is a day where I think I can do more than 500. I’m going to try and see. I have a short story that I’m going to try to write today. I tried starting it on Saturday morning. I wrote 200-300 words, threw it away. Tried it a second, then a third time, before I finally gave up. I knew I was starting the story wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what to do about it.

Saturday night as I was trying to get to sleep, writer brain helpfully provided what I needed for that story. I don’t generally write on Sundays, so today I’ll go that new path. I’ve been thinking about the story all weekend. If I can get my brain in gear, I should be able to start and finish it today – it shouldn’t be more than 3000 words.

Two other things from the weekend.

1) I learned that while the turmeric in the golden milk that I made upset my stomach, drinking a cup of coconut milk that late at night was also not a good thing for me. I made myself some hot chocolate Saturday night and got a very similar upset stomach.

So while I may try golden milk again, I can’t drink a full cup of it, particularly not late at night.

2) And when I started this I was certain there was a number two. Heck if I can remember what it was now. (^_^)

Anyway. I’m getting to the story now. Here’s a picture of my breakfast visitor!