I was in the middle of writing a blog post Thursday morning when I ran out of words. Now, mind you, I had thought that overall I was feeling better. Sure, I was tired. But I was doing okay.

Until I suddenly was no longer doing okay. I just ran out of words. Realized I was completely exhausted. Sat down. Goofed off.

Finally came to realize that no, I wasn’t merely tired. My throat hurt. My joints hurt.

I was actually sick.

Took two days to get back to mostly normal. Still tired today, still have a slight sore throat. (Friday morning it was like swallowing glass.)

Today is the dangerous day/time for me. My natural inclination is to go like hell when I’m even feeling marginally better, because I don’t trust that I’m going to keep feeling even this well. However, pushing myself today would be stupid. I’d end up being sick for a longer period of time.

I do have my doctor’s appointment this morning, to make sure that the crazy extra periods are just being caused by hormones and nothing physical. Plus, I’m getting my boobs squished (by an expert, in a machine, basically, annual mammogram). The other thing I need to schedule is my colonoscopy. It’s a pain, and not fun, but hey, better two-three days of discomfort rather than cancer, you know?

Oh, and the other thing I need to think about getting – chicken pox and shingles vaccines.

When I was a kid, my best friend was the oldest of five kids. All five kids came down with chickenpox.

As far as we could tell, I never did.

Either I have a natural immunity, or I had such a mild case we never found any of the poxes that sprang up.

I was also exposed to chicken pox when I was in my twenties, a kid that I was babysitting came down with them. Yet again, I never came down with anything.

So I’m going to talk to my doctor this morning about getting a chicken pox vaccine. As well as a shingles vaccine. I’ll be 57 this year, and the shingles vaccine isn’t recommended until you’re 60, but still…

The reason I’m mentioning all of this is because I want to make sure that YOU are also taking care of yourself. That YOU are making your regular doctor, eye doctor, and dentist appointments that you need to, that you are getting your regular check ups.

PS. Bit of a follow up – Doctor says no to the chicken pox vaccine, but yes to shingles if my insurance will pay for it (they might not, as I’m not yet 60.) Am scheduled for an ultrasound next week, though as far as my regular doctor can tell, I don’t have anything wrong in my pelvic area that she can detect. Will have to schedule other followups on Monday.