Finally having a good day today. I got up and did yoga this morning. It felt like a long time since I’d done yoga, and finally figured out that it had been exactly one week. Last Tuesday was the last day I’d done yoga. Now, I could have done yoga on Sunday, but as I was recovering from being sick, I took it easy and just stretched, not doing a full-on yoga session.

But yesterday, from the perspective of hindsight, was actually a bad day. The intense headache had masked just how lousy I felt. I honestly didn’t realize just how bad I felt until after the headache had started to recede.

I didn’t start feeling “well” until after I took a nap in the afternoon. That seemed to reset my body. I woke up from that nap and felt good again.

Fortunately, though I didn’t sleep too well last night (I blame the kitty for the most part) I feel really good this morning.

How long will it last?

That’s always my question, my concern. Will I be well for a day? Until the weekend? For a couple of weeks? I don’t know and I have no way of knowing.

And I wish I had other terms for this. “Being well” implies that I’m “sick” when my hormones are going crazy. Which in tern implies that I can fix it. I’m taking hormones. I’m eating healthy. I’m exercising on the good days. However, this is something that I’m just going to need to ride out, as it were. Which frustrates the hell out of me.

What was the cause of how bad I felt yesterday? Not sure. It was kicked off by not eating enough carbs. But when I got food in me, normally that type of headache would just go away. It didn’t. For more than 24 hours.

I didn’t realize that I was dehydrated for a while. And that I had a lack of salt. So possibly it was all those things combined. I don’t know.

Again, I’m frustrated with having to just live with feeling sick like this. I’ve been able to get myself feeling better in so many other ways. For example, yesterday was just a headache. It never turned into a migraine. (Believe me, there’s a difference.)

I don’t mean to whine. However, I know that are people who are following this blog because they, too, have health issues. They, too, are going through some rough times.

My hope is that by living honestly, and admitting to the bad days as well as celebrating the good, that my journey will somehow help them.

It is fall, which means that the days, too, are sometimes good, sometimes bad. On the “good” days, we need to finish off the outdoor projects. So this afternoon, we’ll hopefully get most all the finishing touches done on the pump house.

I also need to go harvest more rose hips. Might be too late at this point. We’ll be at NINC next week, so I either jump at the chance when we have a stretch of sunshine, or it’ll be October.

One of the better changes I’ve made is going from salads to soups every day. Bone broth with 2-3 cups of veggies, plus kelp noodles. It is kind of heavenly. I love my soups. One of the first things I’ll have to do when I get back is make more bone broth. Yum.

Okay, I think I’m awake enough to go back to the novel. I did work on short stories yesterday, incorporating comments. That was all I could manage. Generating a lot of new words was out of the question.

Hope that you’re having a lovely Tuesday!