This weekend was the Art Colony BBQ. Thank you to all who came! It was a great party. Blaze and I are currently considering it to be the best one yet.

The party was Saturday. I was exhausted on Sunday. Fortunately, I was kind of expecting it. I made sure to up my protein intake, and that really helped.

Then the good news – by Monday, today, I was able to write again. I’ve learned that I just can’t write when I’m physically exhausted. But this morning I dove right in. I’m planning on producing more words later tonight.

Then the not so good news. My hormones continue to run amok.

Hormones were to blame for last week being so shitty. In a nutshell, my period stopped and started again four times over the course of seven days. Complete with the cramps, brain fog, and general awfulness that I experience on the first day of my cycle. Only not once. FOUR TIMES.

By last Thursday, I seemed to be over it all. I figured I was good for a month or so before it came back and I had to deal with this shit again.

Midday today, Monday, my period started thinking about coming back. Spotting, cramping, etc.

What the ever living fuck? Seriously?

I do not approve.

My hope is that my body decides to only go nuts for one month, possibly two months, then it concludes that my period is over, once and for all.

I will be making an appointment with my naturopath before the end of August, get blood work done, etc., just in case there’s something else going on.

But honestly, I doubt there’s anything wrong. Just that whole “end of the cycle thing”.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely week.