Not for me.

OMG, no.

Made myself some last night. Cup of coconut milk, added some turmeric, pinch of black pepper, some cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla, ginger, coconut oil, and a dash of honey. It had an odd taste, but I figured I could get used to it. Adjust the spices some.

In about 15 minutes, my stomach announced that it was really unhappy with me. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling nauseated this morning. I was doing okay until I tried doing yoga this morning. That was a mistake.

In addition, I think that turmeric is what would be called a “warming” spice. About the same time my stomach got upset, I grew flush.

It wasn’t exactly the same as a hot flash, but it was close enough.

The main problem I have with hot flashes is that they generally cause migraines. This flush produced a pretty bad headache, and localized, only on the right side of my head. Like a migraine.

I’m currently not counting it as a migraine, though. Last night I had a lot of pain, but it didn’t keep me awake (unlike a migraine). This morning, the pain is very slight, and it’s more general, not so localized. While light bothers my eyes right now, it isn’t stabby. I am having difficulty putting words together.

That got me thinking about the relationship between diet and my perimenopause symptoms.

Before I got the diet locked in, I was pretty miserable. Hot flashes so intense I’d end up fainting. Then the killer migraines that followed. Night after night of night sweats. Really bad inflammation. And so on.

The hot flashes have practically disappeared. Last night was the first time I’d had something like that in months.

Night sweats became predictable. I would have 2-3 bad nights, and they’d all occur the week before my period. But even the bad nights weren’t as bad as they’d been before.

Inflammation lessened. With what I’m currently doing, it’s gotten even better.

Has anyone done a study following women who are doing keto and are going through perimenopause? I find a lot of, “Do it! Yes!” info, but very little science. A few studies. Not much.

Lots of stories by perimenopause women who say that going keto really helped. And it really helped me.

This blog post was interrupted by two stellar jays who I think are juveniles, who landed on my bird feeder and knocked it over.

Have I mentioned before how much I love my birds? OMG. I love my birds. I love being able to watch them come and go. I’ve seen more than one brood of babies come through. I have a branch sticking out of the side of the feeder for them to rest on. Mama or Papa will go get something to eat either from the seed or suet feeder, then fly back to the branch and feed the baby.

I’ve had two distinct broods of gold finches come through. Two groups of grosbeaks. Several groups of chickadees and juncos. Right now it’s the baby juncos. Funny, I would have thought that the baby birds would all be born around the same time, but I’ve had different groups of juveniles since June.

It’s so much fun watching the baby birds learn how to bird, as it were. At first, they’ll come and sit in the hopper of the feeder, because they’re used to sitting and being fed. Finally they figure out how to perch on the side and feed.

Until this morning, I had a bell formed out of bird seed that was also hanging from the feeder. It fell off its stick sometime last night.

Watching the stellar jays on the bell was what made me believe they were juveniles. One of them was standing as close to the bell as he could get, above it, then would peck at the bell and nearly fall off his perch. Finally, he figured out that he could actually perch on the bell and peck at the seed beneath him.

So I heard the jays this morning, up on the roof of the tiny house. I believe they were the ones who knocked over my feeder, flying awkwardly from the roof and landing on the feeder with too much force. Will have to buy a new hummingbird feeder, as my old one shattered.

But I have the best husband in the world, in case you didn’t know. He understands how important my birds are to me, so he interrupted his writing to come over and get the feeder back up.

And now, it’s time to try to write some fiction. Don’t know how much I’ll get done, as I still feel pretty miserable. The important thing is that I’m going to try.