General Project Update

Looking back, I realize that I haven’t posted at all about our recent projects. Figured I should do that. So – LOTS of pictures about the most recent project, the pump house.

We can’t just tear down the pump house, as it’s where the the power comes into the farm, as well as a holding tank for water from the well. So we have to kind of fix it in place.

First step was removing the old roofing, the shingles and tar paper.

Then we had to remove the actual roof deck and replace it.

Next we had to put back on the new shingles.

The next step, after we finished the roof, was to start pulling off the existing wood from the sides.

The first building that we knocked down, the old workshop (about the place where the tiny house now stands) the construction was sheetrock on the inside, then studs, then boards on the outside. That is also how the barn is built.

Imagine our surprise when we pulled off the outer boards on the pump house only to find a layer of plywood! A layer that actually looked as though it was in good shape!

Instead of having to rebuild the walls, all we had to do was to slap some Tyvek on it and start putting up siding.

One wall finished, three more to go! We’ve ordered the siding, and will start again next week.

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