Woke up this morning feeling good. Opened up my production computer (which is the one I blog on), opened my blog file…and had nothing to say.


Putzed around for about ten minutes before I finally realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t have any words. I felt good. I had words.

I just didn’t have a blog.

So I opened up the writing computer and just started working. After about an hour, I’d finished the short story I started yesterday, about 1200 words. Yay.

It reminded me that while habits can be good, I can change my process or habit as needed. This morning, I didn’t want to blog. I wanted to write. First things first.

I may or may not write more this afternoon during my flight home. We’ll see. I have one more story to write, that I’d like to finish before Monday.

Currently, my word count for the week is about 14K (that includes this blog post). My count for all of August is about 81K. I’m rather astonished at that word count. I didn’t think I’d get anywhere near it, which was why I changed my goals mid-month.

I still think that was the right thing to do for my own sanity. I am going to maintain those goals, writing only as much as a particular day allows instead of setting a weekly or even monthly goal.

But I am also aware that some of that utterly astonishing word count is because I chose to blog every day. In my word count, I count any words that I consider publicly consumable, which includes blog posts, non-fiction, newsletters*, as well as fiction. I don’t count email, or responses to my blog.

I will continue to blog every day when needed. However, when there are good days, days like today, I may not.

Now I need to go pack, check out of the hotel, and continue on with my busy day. I hope your Friday is fantastic, and that you’re looking forward to a marvelous weekend.

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