Yesterday was a weird day. I had to go get my blood drawn in the morning (fasting blood test). I went to a new-to-me medical center, down in Ennumclaw, which is about 20 minutes away from the property.

The lab opened at 7:30. Because I’d never been there before, and because it was *nasty* outside, I arranged to be there about 7:25, because I didn’t know if I would be waiting outside a building if I arrived earlier.

But the lab is inside the medical center, so I could have arrived much earlier. As other people did. At 7:25, I was the fifth in line. Looking at their check-in times, four of the five arrived before 7:15.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

So I sat in the nice waiting room and composed yesterday’s blog post and grew more and more hungry with each passing minute. Until my stomach was cramping because I was so hungry.


I don’t generally eat anything in the mornings. I’m not really fasting either. I have tea with coconut oil and coconut milk in it, maybe 200 calories, all fat. So I’m used to not eating in the morning. I’d had a regular day the day before, eating my regular stuff, like salads and smoothies and meat.

I figured it would pass once I got home and ate something. I had some more of my left over prime rib (yum) and my tea.

Stomach still cramping with hunger an hour after that.

Ate a scone from Nuflours bakery. (I have such a weird category for my baked goods–paleo vegan–no grain, no soy, no dairy and no eggs.) It was YUMMY. (Nuflours is a dedicated gluten-free bakery. They took over an existing bakery, and had to resurface everything.)

Still felt as though I hadn’t eaten anything.

Made myself a big ass salad. It helped. But after I’d eaten it, and I was on my way to the library, I found myself with the weirdest sensation of being full, yet still being starved.

Really body? WTH?

Stopped at Fred Meyers (local grocery chain) on the way home and made the most amazing discovery.

Miyoko’s butter.

I’m not linking to the site because the popups are too annoying. But OMG. This butter is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I grew up in MN, and before I discovered that dairy really wasn’t good for me, I considered butter a food group. My husband teased me considerably about the amount of butter I had in the freezer. (Couldn’t run out!)

This stuff tastes like real butter.

And it does what it says on the package. Tastes real. Melts. And browns like butter.

Yes, I’m going to go back to the story today and buy three more pounds of it and put it in the freezer because I don’t want to run out. It’s that good.

Last night, I made myself pumpkin muffins from the Simple Mills box. (They, also, are fabulous. I’ve tried several of their products and have liked most of them. The plain almond flour crackers are my favorite.)

Then I used the butter on the muffin. OMG so good. (I used Bob’s Red Mill egg replacement, which unfortunately left the muffins a little doughy. Either I need to cook at a lower temperature for longer when I use that egg replacement, or I need to find a better one.)

Still. Warm muffin. Butter. Yay.

And finally, FINALLY, I was no longer hungry.

Which made me realize that what I was craving all day were carbs. Pure and simple.

This was just weird. I haven’t craved carbs in over a year. I figure it’s part of the hormones playing silly buggars with me.

Of course, then I went ahead and ate too many carbs, and am left with a headache this morning. So it’s a new balancing act.

Still, as I may have said before, I’m more stubborn than the average bear, and I am writing this morning.

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