Camping Day Two and Chocolate

For those of you just joining, Blaze and I are camping up in Deception Pass for a few days.
Yesterday, day two, started really rough. I woke up with a massive headache. Now, one of the things we forgot to pack were our pillows. While we have camp pillows, they kind of suck.
But really, this went beyond a headache. My stomach was also upset, and I had a touch of a sore throat.
It wasn’t until midmorning that I finally realized what it was, exactly that was causing my body to feel so bad.
My previous period had ended Tuesday morning, that is, day one of camping.
Last time, I had three days between the end of one and the start of the next.
Nope. This time, I had a little more than 24 hours.
I was spotting again. Not a full on period, but I suddenly realized that it felt like I was having the first day of my period. Again.
What the ever living fuck body? Seriously?
Luckily, just my body felt awful. I still had brain. I was able to write 4600 words yesterday morning, in about 3.5 hours, which included breaks and walks.
After lunch, we drove into town (Mount Vernon). We stopped at the Value Village and picked up better pillows, got him some donuts (it’s a long story and he can explain later if he chooses.) Then we hit Starbucks for a while, did some internetting, posted yesterday’s blog.
On the drive back to camp, we stopped at a Walgreens. Because my body is so stressed right now, I’ve broken out in a cold sore. Grrrr. Needed to get something to treat it.
While we were there, I spied chocolate. Good chocolate. Real chocolate. And by that, I mean chocolate that has only four ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, sugar, and vanilla. That was it. (Green & Blacks)
I packed food for the trip based on how I was feeling that morning, which was pretty good.
One of the issues I’m currently having is that when I’m feeling good, I eat what has become my regular diet – basically, dead critter and fresh veggies.
When I’ve been feeling not so good, I’ve been having weird cravings for carbs and sugar. Things that generally will give me a headache and make me feel worse.
However, at this point, having a bit more carbs and sugar actually do make me feel better. My system is just all kinds of out of wack right now. (As a side note, eating more protein than I normally do sometimes also works.)
So I didn’t pack any chocolate for myself, something I’d been regretting all day. However, there it was! Just waiting for me! Good chocolate!
I’d been feeling better and better all day. I would say that the pain in my head had gone from a 4-5 (on a scale of 10) down to a 2.
On the drive back home, I had two little squares of chocolate. Really, that was all I needed.
About ten minutes later I had the weirdest sensation. My entire scalp started tingling, going from the base of my spine all the way up, past the crown of my head to my forehead.
As the tingling subsided, I felt the headache leave.
Pain levels dropped down from about a 2 to .5 in the space of a minute.
It was very odd. But it has me convinced that my body is really confused right now.
I’m trying to listen to myself, give myself whatever odd thing it is that I’m craving, in moderation. Trying to be gentle and go with the flow as it were.
And to always, always believe in the healing power of chocolate.
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