Woke up feeling okay yesterday morning. Slight headache that grew worse as the morning went on, but then lessened again before noon. It’s kind of weird, feeling okay, then going for a walk and feeling as though I’ve suddenly jarred loose the pain.

It was still a great day, though. Managed 4600 words before 11 AM. Then ate lunch, and drove into town to interweb for a while.

Got back early, so we took a hike (!) I know, those strange things that people do when they’re on vacation. Besides, you know, write and work.

Spent the evening reading and working and talking. This was such a successful camping trip for us. We both had a really good time, my health issues notwithstanding. We’re going camping again in a few weeks, and there are a few things we’d like to get in order to make the next trip even more successful. Or more comfortable.

For example, we both stand when we write. We have standstands that we set up on the picnic table in order to raise up the laptops. (www.standstand.com) At home, we both have mats we stand on. For the next trip, we’d like to get some kitchen mats to bring along.

Next year, I hope to go camping a lot more. Particularly since we can both work when we go, both write.

Neither of us is ever going to take a “vacation” from writing. That isn’t how it works. The vacation part is everything else. I get to write.

I’m typing this post up on the morning of day four. For some reason, every night I’ve been waking up around 2 AM and I get hit with waves of headache pain. Plus, you know, night sweats. Last night was no exception, and this morning is pretty rough. It has nothing to do with being here, and everything to do with my hormones continuing to play silly buggars.

We’re both writing a little, then packing up and heading back into town. I may be posting more blog posts in the near future. Being able to write these little missives helps get me primed for writing fiction, even when my head is bad.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday, looking forward to heading into the weekend.