We’re camping this week up in Deception Pass State park. It was the inaugural voyage for our new trailer/tent.
A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Vancouver, WA, and bought a Sylvensport Go.
Seriously. Coolest camper ever.
We drove up there in the mini cooper. (Butt warmers FTW). That was kind of the point of getting such a small trailer–was being able to pull it with the mini cooper and not take the truck.
(We will probably be getting rid of the truck, as the Go turns into a lovely utility trailer that we’ve already used on a Home Depot run.)
Setting up the tent of the Go was super easy. And OMG. Space! It feels totally indulgent to have so much space in a tent. It’s the perfect hybrid for us, a tent/trailer.
However, as always, we forgot stuff. One of the things I forgot was salad dressing, or at the very least, vinegar and oil.
I did pack honeyed mustard for my hot dogs. And Blaze made a growler worth of Arnold Palmers (half unsweetened black tea, half lemonade.) So I mixed a little of the mustard with a little Arnold Palmer and voila! Salad dressing. Pretty easy and pretty tasty too.
The Go draws a lot of attention from the other campers. Particularly with the mini cooper parked out front of our campground. We see a lot of cars slowing down as they approach our site, and either one or all heads turn and they look at our setup.
One of the people who just stopped by is Trudy Ann. (https://trudyannschai.com/) We ended up talking tea (she’s going to be at the PNW Tea Festival) and Wahls Protocol and intermittent fasting and all. Neat people.
And this is one of the ways that I’m usually “lucky” I guess. Neat people come into my sphere on a regular basis. Trudy Anne does a lot of energy work, and she said she was just pushed or pulled by the energy. Me, I tend to think it had a lot to do with what you put out there, into the Universe. Good thoughts and good deeds bring good people around. (Not that I don’t also encounter assholes. I just try not to let them stay.)
And so – that’s camping, day one.