Woke up this morning feeling normal again. Kind of strange. Kind of awesome.

Though I haven’t been taking my health for granted. Always was too afraid that I’d lose it suddenly. Which, honestly, I kind of did, with the hormones.

It feels as though I’m recovering from a long illness. I’m not, not really. But it kind of feels that way, as though I’m slowly regaining my strength.

Was able to balance this morning doing yoga. Still can’t find the name of that pose. I remember doing it in a yoga class, so I’ve always assumed that it was a yoga pose. Let me describe it.

Stand on your right leg. Rest the ankle of your left leg on the knee of your right leg. Hands in prayer pose. Pause for the count of five, center yourself. Then, for the count of five, slowly bend your right knee, sticking your butt out behind you. Should feel a good stretch in your glutes. Find a spot on the floor to stare at. Stay as low as you can for a long count–this morning was for 25. Slowly straighten your right leg for the count of five. Shake it off and do it again on the other leg.

So this is my practice pose for the month of August. Haven’t picked a pose yet for September. I generally pick something that requires some level of balance, however. I am getting older, and I don’t want to suddenly wake up in my 80s and be afraid that I’m going to fall over and break my hip.

Figured out yesterday that I was so much closer to the end of the novel than I’d thought. I may finish it today, I may not finish it until tomorrow (if we can make the time to write on Sunday.) Yesterday I wrote 5400 words, and am hoping for something similar today. It’s that downhill slide. I generally gain speed as I approach the end of a novel.

Then I’ll flip over and write short stories for a while. I have three that are due soonish, as in, October. Which is just around the corner. (eek!) Then I’ll go back to writing the next novel, which I still believe is going to be the next Witch’s Heart book. I have a great opening scene, and some hints about the magic that I’ll be exploring, plus the general “theme” of the book. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue, which is kind of how I like it.

And I think that’s it for the morning blog. Time to get to the novel! Yay!