Yesterday, Sunday, I woke up, and I didn’t have a headache.

I also didn’t have brain fog. And I didn’t feel bad.

In fact, I felt good. I felt NORMAL.

It made me realize that it’s been weeks since I’ve felt normal when I woke up.

Yesterday was the sort of day that I would have been able to write 4000 words easy.

However, I tend not to write on Sundays.

Instead, we went out to breakfast at Krain Corner, a lovely diner down near Ennumclaw. We tend to go there every Sunday morning. Krain Corner serves prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights. Then they serve left over prime rib Sunday mornings.


IMO, the left over is better than the fresh, because it’s had a chance to marinate in all those lovely juices and herbs.

After breakfast, we went and committed what we call guerrilla gardening.

Let me explain.

There’s a long stretch of highway near here that has roses growing along it. Feral roses. The kind that you can cut a branch off, stick it in the ground, and watch it sprout. (I’ve done it with the feral roses I had in my backyard at the house in Seattle–took a branch, planted it out here, and now it’s sprouting like mad. Won’t get roses this year, but I bet I will have them by next year.)

We drove up there with snips and a large plastic bag. Then we proceeded to fill the bag halfway with rose hips that I’m currently drying so I can make rose hip tea. (There will be a long post with pictures later.)

I spent the afternoon in the library, watching “So You Think You Can Dance” as well as doing internet stuff. Then home, dinner, watering, gardening, picking blackberries, hanging out with the kitty, etc.

A normal day.

This morning, Monday, I was worried because I woke up with a headache. Crap!

But all I had was a headache. Nothing more. I could stretch this morning. Think. Nothing appears to be weird going on with my body.

Then I learned that the air quality today is possibly going to be the worst in recorded history. There are pieces of ash on the glass door of the cottage.

So kitty and I are spending the day at the main house, with the windows closed and the fan kicked on, so all the air is getting filtered. We will replace the filter in a couple of days because it will be yucky.

However, just sitting here and breathing cleaner air has already reduced the headache significantly.

Time to go write.