Quick health check in–I’ve been okay this week, a little headachy, sometimes due to heat, sometimes due to my own stubbornness. But all in all, things are good. I’m happy, and writing a lot.

Spring is just about over, and summer is starting–possibly as soon as this week. There are a LOT of things growing out on the farm, so I figured, PICTURES! Lots of pictures under the cut.

Middle meadow along the trail

Leaving the middle meadow and going down the hill. This is one of the trails that Blaze cut with his machete.

WILD OREGANO. This is just a huge patch, about 3′ tall, five feet in diameter, of wild oregano just growing WILD on the property.


Vine or ground blackberries, one of the native breeds here. The berries are tiny and so very sweet.

Blue cane blackberries that are starting to ripen. So sweet.

Huckleberry trees! The huckleberries came in a few weeks early this year.

Thimble berries! A type of raspberry. Also really sweet.

And the Himalayan blackberries, which aren’t quite fruiting yet. Will possibly have a lot of berries, judged by the number of flowers.

We think this is bitter cherry, and the ones with the longer stems are choke cherry.

Cut leaf blackberry. They haven’t even started to flower yet, but will eventually.

Choke cherries – the ones with the longer stems.

Grass! This is the new lawn that I’m growing on the side of the cottage. SO EXCITING.

Because the mint really would take over the yard if allowed, I cut it back again and have dried a bunch. This is the apple mint. I had too many leaves, so I ended up doing a final layer on the top of the dehydrator.

And because I had so much of the apple mint, I had no place for the spearmint. So I decided to just hang it from the kitchen shelf. Hopefully this will work as well!