A few years make.

This past weekend was CampCon. Basically, it’s a group of writers who get together and go camping for the weekend, in Oregon, near Mount Hood. The camp is divided into two parts.

On the one side, the organizer has been bringing a generator. That side gets set up with canopy, tables, and chairs. That’s the writing side. Plug in your computer, sit down, shut up, and write.

On the other side of the campsite, we set up tarps (if necessary, depends on weather/sunshine/rain, etc.) as well as chairs and all the cooking equipment. This is the social side. If you want to go chat with other writers, you do it on this side of the campsite. You leave the people who are working alone.

I treated this last CampCon as a mini-marathon. We drove down one day, stayed two days, then drove back. I wrote 10K words (and did 10K steps) each day durning the middle two days.

And this is where it gets a little mind-boggling for me.

Back in 2015, at CampCon, was where my insane migraines started. It was hot that year. I was still eating eggs and too many carbs. That year, however, I came down with a migraine every single day while we were camping. That first week or so–I had five migraines over the course of seven days. (Or seven migraines over the course of nine days – still far too many, considering that before then I’d been having 2-3 per month.)

And the migraines continued until last year, when I finally got a handle on them. (NOTE: Just checked my calendar. It’s been 80 days since my last migraine.)

So CampCon is kind of an anniversary for me. I’ll always remember it as the start of some really bad times for me.

And now, as a marker of me changing my life around.