And the verdict is…

Last week, I continued to focus on my writing. The bad news is that I didn’t make my word count goal, which is 21K words, or basically 3000 words per day, seven days a week.

The good news is that I still wrote a little over 18K, which means an average of 2600 words per day. I take this as a TOTAL win.

I finished the latest Franklin novel last week, which is part of the reason for the lower word count. I finished early one morning, writing about 1200 words, and I didn’t want to start something else new that day.

I did start the next Seattle Trolls trilogy the following day. (Tentative title: The Demon Troll War.)

Most of the time, the start of a new novel is slow for me. (There are exceptions to this, particularly when it isn’t the first book of something new.) This novel has not been an exception, and feels to me as though it’s moving very slowly. In addition, I find that I keep missing stuff and have to to back.

For example, I maybe wrote 1000 words yesterday morning. It wasn’t until later in the day while I was out gardening and thinking about the story that I realized I’d missed a section. Once I went back and filled that in, the rest of the words came very easily. But it also meant I wrote 2000 words yesterday, and not 3000.

One thing to note: I’m trying be careful in my language through all of this. I never want to minimize the amount of work or words that I finish at any point. So instead of saying something like “I ONLY wrote 18,000 words last week,” I celebrate what I accomplished.

I am hoping to accomplish more words this week than last week. It’s CampCon – basically a weekend of camping with other writers. If all goes well, it basically means two days of marathoning, when I’ll try to write 10K words per day, and get in 10K steps per day as well. Partly it will depend on the weather. If it’s really fucking cold, I won’t get as much done. I don’t like to write when I’m really cold. It’s a thing.

The other thing that’s going on–I’m part of a BookSweep this week! If you go and sign up at this website ( you’ll be entered into a contest, making you eligible for winning a free Kindle loaded with free books.

The book that we’re offering this time is for Uncollected Anthology. It’s one of the more recent issues, “Warlocks”. This issue contains one of my Huli Transport stories. (You know, the Asian transportation company that uses human messages to deliver messages and packages for the gods, heroes, and immortals. Wrote an entire novel set in this world, “The Immortals’ War.”

So go and sign up for the BookSweep! I can’t guarantee that everyone in the BookSweep will later send you a free copy of their book…but I know that’s generally expected, and we at the Uncollected Anthology certainly plan on doing so.

And if you’re interested in the Uncollected Anthology, all the issues are collected together and available at your favorite retailers. Go and check it out today!

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