First of all, THANK YOU to all who bought the bundle and decided to go ahead and get the BOGO. I truly appreciate your support. Wow.

Next: a quick health update. I’m back on solid food, which OMG YAY!! SALADS!!!

But  – I’m still recovering from not eating right. I’m still waking up every morning with a bad headache. It makes it difficult to motivate, difficult to write, difficult to adult, quite frankly. Today was better than yesterday, though. Tomorrow will be better still. I figure it will take at least a week to get back to where I was.

On the bright side, this was a really good kick in the pants to make me stay on course. I’ve been honestly frightened about living in this space again. I remember how bad it was. I never want to live here without hope again. It was better this time because I knew it was short term, I could eat my way back to health. But it was disturbingly familiar, those aches and pains, both physical and mental.

This has shown me once again that the path that I’ve taken is the right one for me. I know it will work for some people, not for everyone. Every body is different. But man, this one is right for me.

I’m slowly getting back into the writing. Which is more important than usual, as next week I’m doing another writing marathon (10K words per day, & 10K steps per day.) I have a LOT of things to accomplish before I leave. Including finishing a couple of short stories…

In the meanwhile, if you want some help with YOUR writing and your writing career, I would recommend picking up the current Write Stuff bundle. It won’t be around for too long, so get yours today!