Now that my life has calmed down significantly, I’m looking to get back into the habit of blogging once a week.

However, I’m not going to be blogging so much about my health. According to my tracker, I haven’t had a migraine in 152 days. Which is, quite frankly, still kind of mind-boggling.

I do have a headache today. (We went out to an unfamiliar restaurant last night, and we’re thinking that there was a rub on the steak that had something in it that I reacted to. Plus, it’s a few days from the start of my cycle, which is when I traditionally have a headache. And this week has been STRESSFUL.)

However, having a headache just means I fasted this morning, only had tea. It’s mid-day now, and while I’m not 100%, I’m getting there. I’ve been able to answer email and do other things. I’m not up for doing the quarterly taxes, I’ll start those on Monday.

So if I’m not blogging about my health, what should I blog about?

Given my butterfly brain, I’m well aware that trying to force myself to stick with a single topic is stupid. I won’t blog as a result. Therefore, I figure I’ll end up blogging about a variety of things, such as:

–While I’m no longer strictly following a ketogenic diet, I’m still pretty low carb. How do I maintain that? Recipes will be involved. For example, I make the *best* liver pate. It’s like crack. I have to divide it up into smaller servings and freeze it or else I’d sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting. (The secret? Blaze is allergic to onions, I can’t do dairy. So instead, replace onions with bacon, and bacon fat for butter.)

–In April of 2015, I quit the day job and became a full time writer. In June of 2015, I got hit with chronic migraines. In May of 2018, I plan on rededicating myself as a full time writer. I’ll talk about that some.

–Publishing news. I am a writer. This is my blog. There will be publishing news now and again. Particularly as I’m rebranding a bunch of things.

–Tea reports. I am also a geek, which means I tend to go “all in” on things. Currently, that means tea. I’ve been told that if you can eat the berries, you can eat the leaves of a plant. What does salal tea taste like? Does it have the same applesauce-like flavor of the berries? How about huckleberry tea? Salmon berry tea, anyone? Plus we have apples, blueberries, gooseberries, aronea, wintergreen, strawberries, cherries, currents, figs, etc. What sorts of teas can I make from what we’re growing? (Will have to start a new grimoire of recipes, like what I did for roasting coffee beans.)

–And this and that. Stuff as it happens. Process. News. Pictures of the cat. Etc.

If there’s some aspect of stuff that you’d like for me to talk more about, please let me know!

And because I can, here’s a picture of the kitty.