Mid-month report

I’ve had one headache this month. It was my usual “3-4 days before my cycle” headache. It was a pretty bad headache that really wanted to become a migraine, but I took care of myself and didn’t allow it to transform.

Since then, despite my cycle arriving, I’ve had NO MIGRAINES.

Hell, I haven’t even had a headache.

I didn’t know I could get here. But I’m happy to be here.

There’s a chance I won’t have a migraine during the month of December. There’s a chance that I will. I’ll be traveling for the holidays, as well as eating in strange restaurants where I could end up being accidentally poisoned. Basically, shit happens.

But unlike the last time I was away for the holidays, I won’t be having migraines every day. (Which happened last time.) I’ll probably have some headaches. I know how to deal with those.

I’m kind of excited about being able to spend time with family and not be in constant pain. I think that will make a better holiday visit for everyone.

I hope you’re surviving the holidays with as little stress as possible!

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