It’s been 60 days since my last migraine.

This month, I had three bad headaches. One was the usual “2-3 days before my cycle starts” headache. One occurred on the day I flew to Minneapolis for the holidays. (We caught a red-eye and left at 11:50 PM. However, I couldn’t sleep on the plane. I got severely dehydrated as well. All of that combined into a bad headache.)

The other headache occurred on the flight back to Seattle from Mpls. The waterlines on the plane itself froze, and it took three hours for them to thaw out the plane. I didn’t have any food and was exhausted, so I ended up again with a pretty bad headache.

Still–no migraines. Not even a headache when I had all that sugar on Christmas day.

I don’t know if I can say, “I’m healed.” Obviously I’m a lot better than I used to be. I started the year with 12 migraines in January, 12 in February, 14 in March, 14 in April, then only 4 in May, though I had headaches almost every day in May.

I started the diet in April, but didn’t start reducing my migraine medications until May. (Yes, for me, it turned out that the migraine medications I was taking were actually causing me to be in rebound. I probably only had two real migraines a month, and the rest were all rebound headaches. FOR YEARS.)

Not sure how long I’ll go without another migraine. For example, the headache I had this month before my period was a pretty bad one, and if I hadn’t been able to take care of myself, it probably would have morphed into a migraine.

I’m adjusting to not having so many migraines. I’m still very cautious about food or activities, assuming that they’ll trigger a migraine. So that will be part of next year–seeing what it feels like to live free from migraines. I’m also learning how to actually take time off. Used to be I never took time off because the migraines would force me to slow down. Now, I have to take time off or I’ll just drive myself into exhaustion. (Not that I’ve done that on a regular basis. No, really.)

In addition to continuing to eat healthy, I need to figure out how to take breaks, how to stretch more, how to not just push through everything. (Who, me? Stubborn? No idea what you’re talking about.) That’s my big health goal for 2018, not just to eat healthy but to BE healthy, if that makes any sense.

I will have another post on writing transitions for the new year, but just wanted to get up the health one first.

Because…60 days with no migraines. Next goal: 90 days with no migraines. Then 120. And on, and on, and on…

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