I know, I know, I’ve really fallen off the wagon for regular reporting. I plan on getting back on that in December.

The short version: 2 migraines and a few headaches in October.

NO migraines and just a few headaches in November!!!!

Long version:

I had the expected migraine in October, that occurred during my period. There were exactly 28 days between migraines. Hmmm, cycle much?

The second migraine was completely unexpected. Turned out I was allergic to the stain used in a piece of furniture we’d just bought. Migraine came out of nowhere 20 minutes after the furniture was delivered. There was no way I could have prepared for that or prevented it. Headaches for October were either related to my cycle or to being overexposed to that piece of furniture.

I haven’t had any migraines in November, despite my period already coming and going. There is a good chance, unless something stupid happens, that I won’t have any migraines in November.

I’ve had migraines associated with my period since I was 18. I didn’t know I could get here, that I could have a month with no migraines. There’s a chance that this was a fluke, that next month I’ll have migraines again.

Or not. I was at a convention (OryCon!) during all of this. I wasn’t eating as cleanly as usual. I had too much stimulation, too many people, too much “on” time. And yet, all I had were headaches. NO MIGRAINES. And by the end of the con, I didn’t even have a headache.

I’m still kind of astonished by this. As I said, I didn’t know I could get here. I was content with only having 1-2 migraines a month. That there’s a possibility of NO migraines is weird. But good.

I had talked about changing my diet starting about now, to see if I could introduce more carbs. As I still appear to be healing, I’m not making any changes yet. Maybe I’ll wait until April, after I’ve been on this diet for a year. We’ll see.

I am having a few more carbs right now. But I am also learning exactly how much I can push it. Two sweet things in a day, okay. Three, and I’ll come down with a headache. For example, I can have a glass of wine with dinner, and then maybe a small piece of the harvest spice cake I made for Thanksgiving. If I ALSO have eggnog, I’m going to pay for it.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday, as stressfree as possible.