Updates, as it were

For the month of August, I had 3 migraines total. Plus 4 headache days. I feel like I’m really locked in when it comes to the diet. I also feel like I’m still healing. There are times when I feel as though a month earlier, this or that would cause me a headache or a migraine. Instead, maybe I get a vague headache behind my eyes, but it disappears quickly.

I’m doing a LOT of physical activity right now, so am not doing any writing. The words will come back later. In the meanwhile, the diet is supporting this intense level of physical activity well.

I track my food through an app called “Universal Diary”. I have a template that I just fill in every day. I can’t express how awesome it feels to write done “none” for Headache every day. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to count my carbs and fat, but it’s getting to be more work than it’s worth. Just keeping a food journal may be enough.

I guess that’s all for now. I have things I should post about, like a reading I’m doing in a couple weeks, and bundles I’m in, and books coming out, but all that might have to wait until I’m more awake.

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