Despite how crazy this last week has been, I wanted to announce that I had NO HEADACHES last week.


This is astonishing to me. Particularly given how I was pushing my limits Even if I didn’t have a severe headache or something, I normally would have had some sort of minor, vague pain behind my eyes.

But I didn’t. I felt good, if exhausted.

Let me detail out the week:

Last weekend, crazy amount of physical labor.

Sunday: Dinner party, where I ate something I was probably allergic to.

Monday: Dinner out with friends at a loud, noisy restaurant, again, eating as well as I could but still taking bites of things that I knew I would react to.

Tuesday: Dinner out (so loud, noisy again) and I gave a book reading for SFWA, so being “on” for a good chunk of the evening.

Wed: Took the train down to Portland, so travel, which I always find stressful, no matter how often I do it or the fact that I also like it.

Thurs: Dinner out again, and another book reading.

Fri: Train back to Seattle, plus dinner and a show.

Now, Friday night I felt as though I might be coming down with a migraine. I stopped, meditated for a while. Went to sleep with a cold pack on my head. Woke up 5ish, felt like I had a migraine. Went back to sleep. Woke up 6ish, nope, no migraine, but a headache. Went back to sleep. Woke up 7ish, no headache, just vague pain behind my eyes that disappeared by the time I finished taking a shower.

Sat: Lunch with friends.

Sunday: Was a hermit all day. Didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone, sat with the kitty and wrote 4000 words.

Supposedly my cycle is starting this week. It feels as though it could begin at any time. If I’m lucky, that almost headache I had Friday night was what had been my usual 2-3-days-before-my-cycle-starts migraine, and that I won’t actually get a migraine this month.

I’ll see what happens. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

But as I said last time, I feel as though my brain has turned a serious corner, and I’ve healed more. I’m not 100% healed, but I’m so much better than I was.