Last week I had one migraine. As in singular. Despite the fact that my cycle started (and finished) last week.

I’ve had two migraines associated with my cycle for a really long time. Possibly a decade or more.

But I only had one migraine last week. And it was kind of a weird migraine. It took a long while for me to decide it actually was a migraine, as I wasn’t really in pain, not exactly. I felt kind of out of it, though, and the pain eventually did show up.

This means, that unless I do something stupid, or I eat something I shouldn’t, there’s a good chance that I’ll only have one migraine during the month of September. Plus, I’ve only had one day of severe headache. (I had a headache yesterday, but I was also really congested. As soon as I took a decongestant, the headache went away, so I’m not counting yesterday as a headache day.)

One of the things I was thinking about this morning was that I need to start redefining my life. Instead of always fearing that I’m going to lose more time, I can start to relax. Not waste time, but not be as worried that all my time is suddenly going to disappear again.

As I said last week, I think my brain has really reached a new level of healing. I don’t fully trust it, but I’m starting to rely on it.

It’s rather a nice feeling to be getting well, after all this time.

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