That regularly scheduled post…

Had two headaches this past week. No migraines, though I realize that a few months ago, one or both of the headaches would have devolved into a migraine.

Both headaches were primarily caused by dehydration and heat. (It’s been insanely hot in Seattle these last few weeks…) I knew that dehydration was a migraine trigger for me, and I kind of understood that heat was a trigger as well. However, this last week showed me just how vulnerable I actually was to both. They were probably causing me lots of issues earlier. But before recently, I had so many things triggering me I couldn’t isolate the heat or dehydration.

These headaches also showed me just how little I trust my health. The first headache was worse than the second, so I found myself frequently stopping and asking myself, “How are you? Are you okay?” I would really like to believe that I’m not suddenly going to get sick again, get a ton of migraines again, but somedays, I just don’t trust that I’m better, even though I know that I am.

I’m still not drinking coffee in the mornings. That’s still kind of depressing for me. Last week, I couldn’t drink coffee at all–not in the mornings or in the afternoons. Every time I tried it, I got a horrifically bad, upset stomach.

Today, though, I had coffee this afternoon and it was fine. So I’m still hoping that I will be able to resume drinking coffee on a regular basis once I feel more settled. (My hormones are still out of wack, so I’m not pushing it right now.)

I’ve been trying to console myself with the knowledge that I have planted two tea bushes, so I will be able to harvest the leaves and make my own tea. I’m actually kind of excited about that. It’s been too hot this summer, they’re both still in shock, for me to harvest any leaves right now. I’m hoping that come fall, both bushes will bounce back and I can start drying leaves and experimenting with my own tea!

I have harvested a bunch of leaves from my stevia plants. I dried the leaves, and will use them to make stevia at some point, probably after I harvest a couple more times. I just don’t use that much stevia, and the stuff I make isn’t “shelf stable”–will go bad, even in the fridge, fairly quickly.

I think that’s about it this post. Oh, besides the fact that I figured out why my butt muscles hurt. I’ve been doing some home renovation/construction work recently. This morning, according to my fitbit, I’d walked about 4000 steps. Most of those steps were up and down a ladder. That would explain the sore muscled. Plus, I frequently am carrying wood. I make a game of it, making it a conscious core exercise, balancing myself so I’m not holding onto anything as I walk up or down.

Yup. But you knew already that I was a little bit nuts, right?

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