Remember when I thought I was only going to have two migraines for the month of July? That was so wrong. The very next day my hormones decided to go nuts, which resulted in an 36+ hour migraine and lots of emotional distress. Fortunately, I knew it was just the hormones talking. Nothing in my life is actually wrong.

I will admit that I felt tempted to take a migraine pill after the first 24 hours of pain. However, I knew that way lay madness, and rebound. Plus, that first day I think I was also fighting a fever, not just the migraine. The second morning of pain the migraine acted like a regular migraine, and retreated after my normal treatments of water with salt, deep breathing, meditation, and gentle exercise.

So for the month of July, I ended up with three migraines and four headaches. The first migraine came at the tail end of me being sick for a week, so I chalk that one up to that. The other two were my usual menstrual migraines.

The headaches weren’t that bad. They generally lasted half a day or less, and I was able to work through them. (I can’t work or write with a migraine. I can with a headache.)

Compare this to 12-14 migraines in a month, plus headaches every day.

Obviously, I’m doing so much better.

That being said, even though it’s been a week, my hormones are still slightly messed up.

As you may know, I like coffee. I roast my own beans. However, right now, I can’t drink it. This has happened to me in the past, where I’ll go through a phase and coffee just won’t taste good anymore. Instead, I’m drinking a lot of tea, and it tastes absolutely fabulous. I am assuming that in a while, I’ll wake up one morning and tea won’t taste good anymore, and I’ll go back to coffee.

However. I’m also wondering if I’m going to start having to drink half-decaf, half-regular coffee. Before my hormones went on rampage, I was noticing that even though I’d cut down on the amount of caffeine I’d been drinking, I was still reacting as if I’d had too much caffeine. I’m not going to make that call for a couple more weeks or so. But I am aware that less caffeine may be in my future. It’s the downside of eating so healthy! My body is working much more efficiently, so is more sensitive to anything I put in it.

One last thing – there’s this bundle that I’m a part of. It’s chock full of good books and stories to read. Amazing bargain. Plus, an incredible charity that you, too, can donate to. But it’s only here for a short while! Then this opportunity will be gone.

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