Posting yet again…

Missed last week. Was away, viewing the eclipse. What a wonderful experience. The totality was different than I expected, much more special, and left me fairly emotional.

I had one migraine that week, along with one major headache. The migraine was caused by hormones, basically, that time of the month when I always have a migraine. The headache was caused by not enough sleep and traveling that day. I took a two hour nap and the headache completely disappeared, as if it hadn’t been. I’m fairly certain that even a couple months before now, that headache would have transformed into a migraine. Instead, it went poof.

I’ve had two migraines this week, along with one headache day. The first migraine was caused by, you guessed it, hormones. I generally have two migraines a month, both associated with my cycle. The headache was caused by heat and dehydration.

The second migraine was caused by eating something I shouldn’t have. We went out to eat and I had something that gave me an instant headache. The good news is that the migraine responded well to being “treated” – basically, fasting, water with salt, lots of deep breathing, and some level of exercise. It disappeared rather quickly.

Chances are, unless I eat something else I shouldn’t, I won’t have another migraine this month. Which will make three for the month: two associated with my cycle, and one from food.

And unless something goes wrong, I probably won’t have another headache day. All three this month so far were caused by dehydration and heat.

I feel as though I’m continuing to improve. We were in the car for about 11 hours driving back from the eclipse. It was long and frustrating. Even a couple months ago, I would have come down with a migraine from it. I was sort of prepared for it.

But I didn’t. I didn’t even have a bad headache. Seriously, astonishing.

I still don’t trust my health 100%. I keep thinking I’m going to be sick again, and stay sick. However, my continued health keep proving my paranoia wrong.

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