Unfortunately, it appears that cheese is off the menu.

I used the left over naan (https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/low-carb-naan-bread-with-melted-garlic-butter), put mozzarella, chicken, and garlic between two pieces, then grilled them. Kind of like a quesadilla, or a grilled cheese sandwich. (It was delicious.)

However, about two hours later, I realized I was developing a headache, that then rapidly descended into a bad headache. If I didn’t know how to treat a headache like that it would have turned into a migraine. But I’ve learned a few tricks over the last few months, so this morning, instead of suffering, I have a vague headache. I’m still treating it like a migraine by fasting, drinking water with salt, lots of deep breathing, and mindful walking.

I deliberately used a soft cheese last night so I would be able to isolate some of the factors. Because the butter hadn’t caused me any problems, it makes me wonder if there’s a tipping point: it’s possible that I didn’t eat enough butter to cause a reaction, while I did eat enough cheese.

However, I’m also really congested this morning, and I had noticed some level of congestion last night.

About 90 minutes after the bad headache started I got bit by something and was starting to swell up, so I ended up taking an antihistamine. The headache decreased rapidly at that point, which tells me that the cheese reaction is probably some sort of allergy.

I know that people who are allergic to eggs are frequently allergic to cheese. There’s an animal protein in both that people are sometimes allergic to. Possibly, that’s my problem.

I’m debating trying yogurt. I’m not sure I care enough. However, I am going to get a probiotic that has no dairy in it before I make fermented coconut milk again.

This is an allergy I’m not happy about, but I can live with. I’m not horrifically allergic to cheese (like I am to eggs!) It means I have to be careful, but not vigilant. If a salad comes with shredded cheese on it, I can probably eat it just fine. But no more pizza for me.

Luckily, I live in a progressive city. The little co-op close to my house has lots of cheese alternatives made from almonds or cashews. I can also try to make some of the cheese alternative recipes, like the one that starts with zucchini.

To be honest, I’m disappointed. I’d really wanted to be able to have cheese again. I will probably turn all of my existing butter into ghee to remove that animal protein that I may be allergic too. (I have a lot of butter in my freezer. Some might say too much. They would be wrong.)

However, if the choice is between having migraines while eating dairy, or not having migraines, I’m going to choose not having migraines. Most of the time. This might be something that I cheat on now and again.