YAY! The Rabbit Mysteries is now out!

What are the Rabbit mysteries? From the blurb:

Rabbit works as a law clerk, spending his days with contracts and land leases. At night, however, he spends times with his friends and solving mysteries.

Collected together for the first time are all the Rabbit stories, which take place during the Tang dynasty, in China.

Included in this collection are:

“The Curious Case of Rabbit and the Temple Goddess”
“Rabbit and the Mysteriously Missing Daughter”
“The Strange Mystery of Rabbit and the Stolen Song”
“Rabbit, The Dastardly Thief, and the Disappearing Dragon”

Plus, “Old Friends”, a story about Wei Fu, Rabbit’s master in the later tales.

The first two Rabbit stories were originally published in “Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.” The last Rabbit story was originally published in the anthology, “Steam. And Dragons.”

I wrote the first Rabbit story for one of the Oregon Coast workshops. It was written the week before the workshop started. I kept expecting Kris to tell me that the story was wrong and bad. I had a humorous, light tale that was also a historic mystery involving Tang dynasty land law. Too complicated, right?

She told me it was great and I just needed to send it out.

Then I sold it to the first market I sent it to…

I love the Rabbit stories, as well as the main character, Rabbit. Over the arc of the first four stories he grows and changes, becoming more mature and self-assured. He’s even stopped wringing his hands as much.

There will be more Rabbit stories, eventually. I don’t write a lot of them, but I do adore them. They tend to be longer. I believe the shortest ones in this collection are 6K words, while the others are 11-12K. The next one will involve Mother finding Rabbit a bride…and who knows what else my brain will come up with.

So–enjoy the Rabbit mysteries! Either collected together, or individually.

Available at your favorite retailers: http://www.knottedroadpress.com/book/the-rabbit-mysteries/

Plus, if you like these stories, you might like my other collection of mysteries, “The Shredded Veil Mysteries.” From the blurb:

On December 21st, 2012, the world changed. The veils between the Seen and Unseen worlds shredded.

Ghosts, spirits, and other creatures now could interact with the living.

Andy worked as a detective in Vice when he’d be alive. Now, as a ghost, he works as a private investigator.

Come explore the mysteries of Heaven and Hell, of cameras with souls, and thieves with hearts.

Includes the short stories “Hell By Any Other Name,” “To Hell And Back,” “Hell For The Holidays,” “High Stakes Hell,” “Postcards From Hell,” and one last story from Toni’s point of view, “Of Heaven and Hell.”

Available at your favorite retailers: http://www.knottedroadpress.com/book/the-shredded-veil-mysteries/