I only ended up with the one migraine last week, last Monday, which I already reported on.

I did have two headaches this weekend while camping.

The way I judge the difference between a migraine and a headache is by paying attention to secondary symptoms, such as light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, tinnitus , etc. Or do I just have pain in my head? If it’s the latter, it’s merely a headache.

Now, possibly as little as two months ago, those two headaches would have been migraines. I’m fairly certain of it.

The first headache was caused by eating something I shouldn’t have. I didn’t consider ahead of time that the salad dressing I drenched my salad in probably had soybean oil in it. (I’m allergic to soy.) But thinking back, I figure that was what triggered the headache. Along with a 6 hour car drive to get to the camp site.

The headache happened that night. I was feeling much better by the mid-day the next day. Writing up a storm. However, then the fire pit exploded. I didn’t write after that, and I ended up with a severe headache after the shock wore off.

Let me explain.

I was at Campcon this weekend. It’s a group of writers who go camping together every June. (If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and are interested, let me know!) The camping area is always divided into two parts: on the one side is power, tables, tarps. When you’re on that side, you need to sit down, shut up, and write. (I did have to fuss at people once about talking too much.) On the other side are the communal areas, including the fire pit. As it was really cold, I kept taking breaks to go and warm up.

That night, the camp cooks were making a huge quantity of ribs. They’d set up a bunch of grills on what had at one point been a towel warming rack.

Seems that the heating element was still in the rack. When it reached critical, it exploded. Flying pig everywhere.

My sweetie got hit in the face with a slab of ribs. He has a bruise across the top of his nose and under one eye.

I got a face full of soot and ash. People told me that I looked like a chimneysweep. I only have a small bruise on one cheek. I was just damned lucky that I had my glasses on, otherwise it could have been much worse.

Took a while before I stopped shaking. When the shock wore off, everything started hurting. Headache set in at some point after that. I’m certain the headache was caused by the shock and adrenaline. And again, this would have probably been a migraine a couple months ago.

I stayed on the diet for the most part while I was there. Didn’t fast the mornings with the headaches, but I did only have coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk in it.

Later this week, after I feel more “settled” I will reintroduce eggs into my diet. On the one hand, I’m not optimistic about what my reaction will be. On the other hand, it will be good to know for certain.

If I do turn out to be sensitive to eggs, I will get full blood work done, testing all my allergies and sensitivities. Some people are only allergic to the whites and can still eat the yolks. I’d like to know what exactly I can and can’t have in terms of eggs and other things.

Oh! And I reintroduced nightshades this past week. Red peppers and tomatoes. YUM. No bad reaction to those. However, I’m not going to eat them everyday, like I once was. I’m going to keep my consumption of them down to once a month or so. As I was having a lot of issues with cold sores before, I think that keeping my consumption of nightshades down to only a couple times a month will do wonders.

I hope you had a lovely weekend that did not involve flying pig everywhere.