This past week, our intrepid traveler would have to admit to two migraines.

The first one was pretty standard, a headache that transformed into a migraine after a couple hours in the morning.

The second one was kind of weird. It started as a headache, then it kind of became a migraine, but only for a couple hours, then it downgraded back to a headache again.

And the only reason I’m calling it a migraine is because for those couple of hours, I had light sensitivity (which kinda sucked, considering I was working outside and it was a SUNNY day). But I didn’t have any light sensitivity before or after. Just for a couple hours in the middle.

However, I was able to work while I had it, while I wasn’t feeling 100%.

I “treated” both migraines by fasting, as well as deep breathing. Not a lot of walking, but I was exercising, what with working out at the farm and doing stuff.

Give that my cycle started this week, these were both incredibly mild migraines, especially compared to what I’d been experiencing.

So yay, the diet et al is working!

In addition, at least for this cycle, extra magnesium did not help. It was actually not good.

One of the things that women who are following a keto diet to “treat” their migraines say is that you need to go really low carb just before your cycle starts in order to stave off the migraines. I haven’t found this to be effective at all for the last two months. Going really low carb makes me cranky, stresses out my body, and doesn’t help.

On the other hand, fasting around the time of my cycle really helps. I find that I’ve been able to eat a large breakfast, followed (eventually) by a large dinner, is quite effective. And I feel good.

So I will continue to experiment with fasting as “treatment.” It appears to work better for me.