So it’s been another week with me being on a ketogenic diet (namely, the Wahls’ Paleo Plus diet) to deal with my chronic migraines. As well as doing without some foods that I might be allergic to, such as eggs, dairy, and nightshades.

The good news is that my migraines have continued to be incredibly mild. I had one “bad” migraine this last week, that was painful, but even that one ended fairly quickly. I continue to be able to function for the most part with the migraines. Not able to write fiction, however, I’ve been able to do a lot of production work. This means I’m getting caught up on things, which is truly remarkable.

I still had my usual pattern of migraines every other day for the week following my period. Possibly a couple of those were actually caused by the cold/flu that my sweetie and I continue to pass back and forth. Possibly I would have had those migraines anyway. I don’t know.

The other good news is that today, I feel what I call “stable”. What does that mean in Leah-speak?

When I consider myself not stable, it means that I feel as though pretty much anything could spark a migraine. Part of that is caused by the constant ringing in my ears, as well as the constant pain in the back of my neck.

Today, the ringing has almost vanished, and the back of my neck is much less sore.

If I can hold off on another migraine for a few more days, chances are, I won’t have another migraine until my next period.

If that turns out to be the case, that means that I’ve actually decreased the number of migraines I’m having. Normally, I have pretty constant migraines for two weeks after my period. This time, if I’m only having migraines for one week, that’s a bonus.

We’ll see what happens this week. As well as what happens next month.