Story News!

Woo AND Hoo! I sold a short story to the anthology, “Death of All Things.” The anthology itself should be coming out August or so this year.

I AM SO EXCITED. I actually really love the story they bought, called, “Wedding Vows.”

This anthology was originally funded via a Kickstarter. Here’s the description from there:

Death and taxes: the universal themes. Or, nearly. Not all cultures pay taxes, but all pay the reaper. Acknowledging that nobody will ever beat Sir Terry Pratchett for his depiction of Death, we believe there are more stories to tell, exploring the realm and character of death: tragic, humorous, and all the shades in-between. Edited by Laura Anne Gilman & Kat Richardson, THE DEATH OF ALL THINGS will contain approximately 14 brand-new stories with an average length of 6000 words each. It will include short stories by multi-award winning and NYT-bestselling authors

  • Stephen Blackmoore,
  • Aliette de Bodard,
  • Christie Golden,
  • Jim C. Hines,
  • Jason M. Hough,
  • Faith Hunter,
  • Juliet E. McKenna, and
  • Fran Wilde.

The ebook and print book (and both together!) are available for preorder here:


There will be more news later as well…

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