No, not with a novel. Or even with another quilt.

I just finished reading all the short stories for the Fiction River anthology workshop this year!

I was pretty focused and disciplined, reading 4 short stories a day and making comments on every single story. I’ve been doing this for months, now.

I believe the count is 1.1 million words this year. Hell of a lot of great stories, too.

I plan on spending the next week going back over the short stories for my anthology.

Plus, I am looking forward to reading a novel again! While I love short stories, I just want to fall into a complex world and wallow for a while at this point. I have a bunch of novel samples downloaded, as well as a couple in paperback that I can’t wait to start.

One of the good things about doing all this reading was how much I walked. I loaded all the stories onto my tablet and walked around my house for an hour or so every day, averaging about 2500 steps per session. I plan on continuing to walk and read everyday, if possible.