It’s been a rough start to the year, quite frankly.

It started actually on Christmas day, when I stepped on a nail and skewered myself good. Which was bad. But what was worse was getting a tetanus shot. I reacted weirdly to it, as I always do. So that was a week that was bad. (Shooting pains down my arms and hands, so much so I couldn’t type.)

Then on New Year’s Day, I came down with a stomach flu. We thought at first that it was merely food poisoning. But as it lasted a week, and took several days before my stomach settled and I got hungry again, we decided flu.

Figured everything was over at that point. But no! In part, because of the above, I wasn’t eating right. So I ended up with a week of migraines (4 migraines over the course of 7 days.)

My word count for this year has sucked as a result. I’m still getting back on that damned horse, though. Today is a new day and I feel better. Gonna hit that page and write lots.

Speaking of which…