Clarity, tweaks, and changes

1117061852_2I spent last week in Lincoln City, OR, at the Master Publishing Workshop held there. (

I attended the first version of this workshop back in 2013. It was what convinced me I could quit the day job and start writing full time.

While a lot of the information presented this year was not new to me, there were still at least half a dozen sessions that did contain completely new information. (Three sessions/day, for seven days…)

That is not to say that the workshop wasn’t worth it. OMG no. It totally was worth it.

One of the things that the workshop brought was a clarity for Blaze and I. For example, last night we were talking about licensing a derivative right for a particular work. That we both understood exactly what we were talking about was awesome and exciting. That kind of clarity is stupendous, and one of the high points from the workshop.

Due to the workshop, I’m making other tweaks and changes as well. I don’t know if any of them will turn out to be as drastic as quitting the day job, but it’s early days yet. One (or more) of the changes may turn out to be that dramatic. We’ll see.

One of the tweaks/changes that I’m making is on my personal website.

I’ve had the tagline “writer/traveler” for decades. It’s been on my business cards since 1997.

However, I’m changing the tagline on my website from “writer/traveler” to “coffee-fueled fiction.”

Why the change?

I’m still a writer/traveler. I always will be. I love writing. I love traveling.

However, I don’t like writing about my travels. I have more than half a dozen blog posts saved as drafts because I can’t bring myself to hit “publish” when it comes to blogging about my traveling.

I will always be a traveler.

I’m quite possibly never going to be comfortable, however, when it comes to writing about my traveling.

However, I also love coffee. I roast my own coffee beans. And I like to blog about coffee.

I plan to actually activate my Patreon account come January and have custom roasted coffee beans as one of the rewards for a limited few.

So tweaks. Changes. New opportunities on the horizon.

It was a great workshop. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned.

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