FINISHED – The Desert Heart

I’m kind of in shock. I finished the current novel today! I had thought I had a few more chapters to write, but no, this was the last chapter. I’m really, really pleased with how this novel turned out, though.

This is the second novel of a dark fantasy trilogy. I finished the first novel, “The Glass Magician” last year. The second novel, the one I finished today, is called “The Desert Heart.” I’ll write the last novel sometime next year—”The Ghost Dog.”

After I finish writing the third novel, I’ll publish all three, one after another, probably one a month over the course of three months.

It’s all one big long story. That’s not what I usually write. It’s part of why I’m publishing them together. There’s an end to each novel, but the story continues.

But there is no rest for this writer.

By October first, I must finish three stories. Minimum lengths: 3000 words, 6000 words, and 10,000 words. All of them can be longer, of course. And knowing my brain, they probably will be. Luckily, I have ideas for all of them.

So, Yay! Finished a novel! Yay! Go write more!

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