No reserves

Spent the weekend at WorldCon in Kansas City, MO. Saw lots of old friends, made some new ones. Networked a little, possibly picked up a little business.

(BUSINESS PLUG: Next cover workshop starts September 7th:

Though my doctor tells me that according to my blood work, I’ve been getting younger every year for the last three years, I still take more time than I used to in order to recover from something like flying and attending a huge con with OMG so many people. (Was smart this con and took serious downtime every day. Think that’s the only way I survived, and why though I’m tired, I’m not exhausted or sick.)

There’s just no juice in the battery today. I can do what I need to do, like cleaning the vacation rental, then I need to sit down and rest. Plus, not many words.

It’s another sign that I’m getting older.

One of the other signs that I’m getting older is that I’m pretty much out of fucks to give. WorldCon isn’t what it used to be. It’s declining. The fans are older, aging out, dying off. It can’t keep up with any of the comic cons, or the other cons that have diversified and are more inclusive.

I wish WorldCon well.

I may or may not attend another one. I’m much more likely to attend Convergence or ECCC. Places where the audience is younger. Where I’m more likely to connect with my readers. If money were suddenly no longer an issue, I probably would go–but it would be for connecting with friends, not readers.

In addition, I’m really not the intended audience of WorldCon. I’m an indie writer. I’m not looking for an agent or a publisher. And WorldCon is very much still focused on trad pub. (One of the main reasons we went to WorldCon was to visit my sweetie’s family, who live near KC.)

So as I said, I wish WorldCon well. I realize that it’s me, not them.

And though I have other thoughts about agents, people practicing law and advising on legal matters  (like contracts) without being licensed and such, it’s time for another cup of coffee and possibly some words.

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