And the writer is BUSY!!!

Honestly, I don’t think this is unusual for me. Summers are generally very busy for me. Partly that’s because of the vacation rental. I have lots of yard maintenance that I do during the summers, in part, because of the vacation rental. I want my guests to think I have an awesome yard. And that takes work.

Plus, I have MANY THINGS going on.

For example, WORKSHOPS.

Yes, I teach workshops. Two of them, in fact. I just finished the first Covers workshop. I’ll be teaching the Print Interiors workshop next. It starts August 10th.

To learn more, go here:

Another example of things going on: BOOKS

At the end of August, “The Princess Troll” comes out.

The Princess Troll

I also hope to publish the Island Sampler.

At the end of September, “Spoiled Harvest” comes out. This is the sequel to “Poisoned Pearls” and “Tainted Waters”. I’m updating all the covers, so I don’t have links available for it yet.

At the end of December, “The Immortals’ War” comes out. This is a standalone novel, composed of three already published stories as well as three new ones. (“Dancing with Tong Yi”, “War On All Fronts” and “The Sweet Shop”)

In January, I hope to have a new Business for Breakfast book available.

February/March I should have a new novella available.

Then…I don’t know what.

Blaze will have a bunch of things that I’m publishing as well between now and then. And other writers. Stay tuned!

Other things–Am going to Worldcon in a few weeks. Hope to see some of you there. Am starting a new novel tomorrow–VERY EXCITING. I’m not impressed with how hot it has been in Seattle recently. And other NEWS that I’m still sitting on, at least for now.

How is your summer going?

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